Formative Assessment Feedback Summer 2019
This form will give critical feedback to the GROUPS/INDIVIDUALS who perform during the Formative assessment.

Based on our Scoring Rubric for this assessment:

Submit this form one time for EACH GROUP you watch.

Please be thorough and honest with your responses. It is Required to give SUBSTANTIAL written feedback in the indicated areas.

This Form is Due on the day of your Third Exam, during class time.

What is your Name? *
LAST Name, FIRST Name (then I can sort the list by last name).
Your answer
What is the Name of the Group you are Assessing (Watching)? *
Not Your Own Group. Each student's grade is based on these Scores.
What is your overall feeling about this Group's performance? *
How would you rate them on a Scale of 1 (low) to 4 (high)?
Poor Performance
Awesome Performance!
What is your overall rating of the group's use of Costumes or Props? *
The Group's look and use of extra materials, if observed.
No Costumes or Props
Very Effective
Was the group so good that they made you want to get up and participate? *
Did they Motivate you to feel positive and impressed while watching their performance...
Not Motivating
Very Motivating
Did the group add anything to their Performance that you have never seen before? *
Was their more advanced movement; or did the performance actually seem unfinished?
Almost felt Incomplete
More than Required
Did the Group appear to have Mastered the class techniques? *
Did they skillfully apply the techniques and Principles of this class?
Needs Improvement
Perfect Technique
What will you tell this Group to help them prepare as individuals for the Final Exam? *
Critical advice to help make them better...
Your answer
How do you feel your technique compares to this Groups' technique? *
Compare your perceived abilities to theirs...
Your answer
Do you think you could have done what this Group did? *
Better or Worse?
I am Worse than the Group
I am Better than the Group
Was it helpful to your understanding of class material to work in a Group?
Are you better prepared for our Final Exam now because of the help of your classmates?
Your answer
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