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Do you believe adopted people should have the same rights as non-adopted people? Would information on your biological family's existence have prompted you to wonder about them or look for them as an adult? Should the adoption contract continue to solely be between the adoption facilitator and the applicants (adoptive parents)? Or should you be given the opportunity to be informed and also sign the adoption contract based on your interest in the matter? Do you believe it is ethical for missionaries to advertise children overseas as "orphans" even though the children come from families? Questions like these are asked in this "Only in Adoption" Survey for adoptees only.

This questionnaire, created by and for adoptees, asks about adoption agency activities, the behavior of adoptive parents, and your beliefs and feelings about adoption based on your experiences. Whereas domestic and international adoptions have traditionally been pioneered by evangelicals and missionaries who claimed that the movement of children is "God's Plan", the great majority (95.5%) of all adult adoptees surveyed in 2019 who had been adopted between the years 1942 and 2003 believe that adoption was coordinated by humans. What do you think?

*Expect that this survey will take about ten to twelve minutes to complete. You are not required to reveal your identity in this questionnaire. This form is collecting email addresses to later update participants on the current status of the report.
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Did anyone ask for your permission before they adopted you?
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When the adoption placement occurred, were you consciously aware that a life-long change was about to take place?
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As of March 2021, The US State Department sent out an email to overseas adoptees prompted by the recent attacks against African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and other people of color. The letter said that they want to acknowledge your experience and assure you that they hear you and care. As an overseas adoptee, have you experienced discrimination or racism? They also invite you to email If you do not feel safe corresponding directly with the State Department, you will have the opportunity to anonymously write details of certain situations at the end of the survey. *A synopsis of the combined experiences will be published in a report.)  
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