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Have a blog about meditation, yoga, Buddhism, or something similar you want to add to Meditation Enthusiasts Sites? This is the form to do it!

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* You own the copyright to the site you are submitting, or are able to submit on behalf of whoever does.

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* Your site can be rejected for any reason.

* Your site can be removed from Meditation Enthusiasts Sites at any time and for any reason.

* Reasons why the site can be rejected or removed include, but are not limited to: adult material, illegal material, spam, scams, being unrelated to meditation, yoga, Buddhism, or similar topics, the site no longer working, and/or poor quality content.

* You do NOT turn over any copyrights by submitting, however, you do give us permission to post links to your site.

* We use a static site generator when generating our site in a git repository. This means that if you wish to delete your site, it will no longer show up on the Meditation Enthusiasts Sites website. However, your site information will remain in the git history forever.

* PLEASE PROVIDE AN ACCURATE EMAIL. Email is the only way we can tie your site to you. After submitting, we will reach out to you to confirm that you submitted the site. Meanwhile, you wish to delete your site for whatever reason, you'll need to provide your email, and we'll send the deletion confirmation to it. If you give us a wrong email, or change your email, you will NEVER be able to delete your site from us. Email will NOT show up on your site's page.

* Please read our website disclaimer, and make sure you agree with it before submitting:

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