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A bit about us...
100% renewables. 0 emissions. It's time we spelled it out.

In schoolyards around Australia, we'll be spelling out a message - loud and clear - calling on our leaders to commit to meaningful climate action NOW!

The message is simple. We want our politicians and business leaders to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2030. We need to act NOW to set up a renewable energy future and a zero emissions economy, to halt global warming at <1.5 degrees.

This summer has given us a taste of things to come. The majority of Australians understand that allowing temperatures to rise further will result in devastating impacts on our lives and the lives of the animals and plants that we cherish and depend on. Current policies aren’t going to cut it.

We CAN slow global warming and Australia has the tools to do it.

On a date to be determined, join us to make a statement that will be impossible to ignore:
• Children and adults will spell out a giant ‘100%’ on school grounds* as a simple, powerful call for climate action
• Any number of kids and adults can participate to create this giant, living message
• All you need is 2+ parents to organise the event and set out cones to mark out where participants are to be positioned
• Place a notice in the school newsletter and social media and post reminders in the lead up to the day
• Send the press release to local media
• Arrange an adult to photograph the event or take an overhead drone shot and video of the result and upload your footage for
a video we will create to send to the media
• Register below to let us know that you are ‘spelling it out’
• Spread the word using the hashtag #spellitout100
* Or Spell it out at a another community location: the beach, sporting ground, local pool, bowling club!

Download poster, press release and docs here: http://bit.ly/2OZbnIV
Upload your video and images here: http://bit.ly/2SOw37F
Register your school here: https://forms.gle/f8agL4asRZBBkB5b7

Who are we?
We are ordinary parents, kids and community members. We are not affiliated with a political party or an organisation. We are average Australians frustrated with climate inaction from our leaders. We need to speak up to promote urgent action for our kids’ future. This is a community run project, not a school organised event.

For further details contact Rebecca Parker on 0407 395088 or spellitout100@gmail.com.

www.facebook.com/Spellitout100/ www.instagram.com/spellitout100/
twitter.com/@spellitout_100 #spellitout100
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