BronyCon 2017 Panel and Activity Submissions
Panel and Activity submissions for BronyCon 2017 are open. They close on Friday, March 31st, 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT.

Anything received after that date will not be considered unless explicit permission was received.

Decisions will be made by the end of April.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in running a panel or an activity at BronyCon 2017. Keep the following things in mind while creating your submission:

- Put effort into your application to increase its likelihood of being chosen. Last year we received nearly 400 submissions and chose a little over 100. The more effort you put into this stage, the more you will shine above the rest of the competition. This process is NOT first come first serve.

- Make sure you have a clear idea in your head of what you want your panel or activity to be. This is a competitive process, we will not accept panels or activities that don’t seem like they know what they will be doing at the convention in August.

- By filling out this form, you are agreeing to be the Head Panelist / Activity Host for this event, if chosen. Please do not fill out this form for someone else. Instead of submitting for your favorite fandom creators, encourage them to submit an event themselves!

- While BronyCon has and will be a pony-themed convention, this year we are open and welcoming to other fandoms. If you have an idea for a panel or activity that involves other fandoms, we encourage you to submit it! This year, we are particularly interested in panels or activities involving Pokémon and Gaming (both video and tabletop). We're excited to offer our attendees an even wider variety of content to enjoy at our convention this year.

If you have any questions please email Thank you!

If you would like some tips on how to submit, check out our Tumblr blog post here: ourour

Contact Information
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Have you been a panelist or activity helper at BronyCon in the past?
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Have you organized a panel or activity at BronyCon in the past?
Only check yes if you have been the main point of contact for a panel or activity in the past.
If so, which ones?
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Submission Information
What is the title of the panel or activity?
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What is the panel or activity about?
Please be as detailed as possible. This is not a blurb for the convention book, explain in detail to BronyCon staff what your panel is about.
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Please list any additional panelists or assistants
Please list the names, fandom/nick names, and emails for all additional confirmed panelists or activity assistants. Include each new name on a different line. Please communicate with your fellow panelists and assistants to make sure you only submit your idea once.
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Do you have any relevant links you can provide?
Recordings of this event done at previous conventions or conferences, any art or content this event may be about, social media or websites.
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Would your panel or activity require any unusual supplies or technical needs?
We provide all panel rooms with wired microphones for the panelists, wireless microphones for Q&A, and a projector and screen at the front of the room. Activity rooms vary in technical equipment and supplies. This is subject to change between now and the convention. We cannot provide internet access.
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Would you be interested in having VIPs/Guests of Honor on your panel? If so, what would you have them do?
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BronyCon has two types of Events: Panels and Activities. Please read the below information and decide which type of event you are submitting.

- Panels -
Panels are centered around a presentation or discussion on a particular topic. BronyCon panels have in the past been held in our Mane Event's Hall, Hall of the Sun, Hall of the Moon, Hall of the Stars, and Hall of the Planets. Panelists typically sit at a table in front of the room, talk to the audience, and then take questions. They might use a power point or show media on a projection screen. Panels are not typically interactive, other than taking questions or volunteers from the audience. If you're looking to talk about something or give a dissertation, a panel is what you're looking to submit!

- Activities -
Activities are much more hands-on and interactive events. BronyCon activities are held in various themed activity rooms such as Quills & Sofas, Harmony Plaza, Pastel Pastures, the Crusader's Clubhouse and more! These rooms have on-going activities such as crafting or discussion as well as scheduled activities such as games or meet ups. Workshops fall under activities and are also held in activity rooms. If you need your audience to get up and move around, use a table to complete a project, or you just want a more up close and personal event, an activity is what your looking to submit!

Which of the above types of event are you submitting?
Read above.
If submitting an activity, does it require a fee to participate? If so, explain why.
Such as a small fee to cover material costs, this is typical for our art workshops.
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Is there any additional information about your submission you would like us to know?
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&Up Programming
In keeping with BronyCon's commitment to having something for everyone, the convention is proud to offer “&Up” programming. Reserved for attendees 21 years of age and older, &Up programming will include a level of content typical of what may be encountered at a comedy club or your average neighborhood bar. These &Up events will provide additional exciting content for those of age individuals hoping to experience panels that contain content previously barred in order to make all events comply with an all-ages scope.

All &Up events will be held in convention space in the Hilton Inner Harbor attached to the convention center. As in previous years, the Baltimore Convention Center will remain an all-ages space. For safety reasons, attendance of these events will be restricted to those with current and valid forms of photo identification. All panelists involved in &Up events must also be 21 years of age and older. Content provided for &Up events must be of free of nudity, excessive violence and gore, or pornographic material.

Are you interested in having your event be considered for &Up programming?
Please read the above text for more information on &Up events
Thank you!
Thank you for your event submission for BronyCon 2017! We look forward to checking out what you have to offer!

This submission form will close on March 31st 2017 at midnight. After that date we will not be accepting any new submissions. The Events team will send out all decisions by the end of April 2017. You may receive correspondence from us prior to that date if we need more information from you. Please be sure to check your email often.

Make sure you have filled out everything to the best of your ability before hitting submit below! Thanks again for your interest in BronyCon and good luck!

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