First UMC Renewal Survey
Last year we went through a process called, "Road Map to Renewal'. During this process we explored the community, looked deep within ourselves and prayerfully identified a renewed vision. This visioning established three "Action Items" to help generate more relevant and vibrant ministries at First UMC in downtown Anchorage.

1. Create a viable and robust children and youth program
2. Link FUMC to other downtown organizations
3. Enhance volunteer opportunities.

While our congregation has declined in participation for 25+ years, we have continued to maintain two worship services. The Leadership Team believes it might be time to bring our 8:30 am and 11:00 am worship services together for one Sunday morning worship service. In the discernment of our Action Items; one 10:00 am worship service would facilitate a more viable and robust Children, Youth and Adult Sunday School at 11:15 am in partnership with First Samoan UMC. This plan provides a greater capacity for more participation, volunteer opportunities and the prospect to further develop our community engagement.

The plan to progress in this direction includes your consideration of moving to a year-round single Sunday worship service for First UMC. If we choose this direction, we will implement the new arrangement this fall and evaluate it in May/June 2020. If we do not choose this new direction, we will revert to two Sunday worship services October 13, 2019.
Your participation in this survey is important for our church. Please submit your response anytime before, 2:00 pm, Monday, September 16, 2019
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