[GOUKAOU Kigurumi Studio]面具訂購單_英文-2.0
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Mask-930 US dollars.
Work Title
Character Name *
Please tell us what facial expression of the mask you wish to have or provide us links from photobooks or send photos by email. Our email address is: service@gko-kig.com
Head Size(The circle of forehead in horizontal.)
Wig-150USD(14 inches)~250USD (40 inches)
Normally we would suggest players that’s first time to wear Kigurumi to use the “ Stationary Type” of wig. The “ Removeable Type” of wig needs to be very careful when wearing, it needs quite a lot of experience and technic to get it on the right place.People who would chose “Removeable Type” would be those who will want to have more than one hair style wil only one mask.
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Other accessories
Would you like other accessories? Please describe your demand by photo albums, links, text, or send photos by email to our email address: sharkgogo@yahoo.com
Can we publish the photos of completed mask on our website?
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Would you like to buy zentai suit? 25 USD off
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Zentai suits for GPZ-02, standard or big sizes for S, M, L.
If you buy mask plus zentai suit, you can have better discount and saving more shipping fee. If you need tailored suit or breast line, please select GPZ-02-C and fill out the ordering form. We are unable to send GPZ-02-C altogether with your mask.
Sizes for Zentai Suit *
If you need more than one piece of zentai suit, please tell us the exact amount down below here.
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