Signup Form to be a STAND1715 Prayer Mentor
Thank you for your desire to be a STAND1715 Prayer Mentor and your willingness to pray for a college student, youth, or a child. This form is for adults in our church family to sign up. If you have a child/youth/college student that you would like for someone to pray for, then go back to the website or church app, and click the other link. We would anticipate that you (individual or couple) have already made a commitment to pray for your own family member, so we would like to randomly assign someone for you to pray for. However, please indicate in the comments at the bottom if there are particular students for whom you would like to pray and if you would like to pray for more than one. We generally will assign a female prayer mentor to pray for a female, and a male prayer mentor to pray for a male. Once assigned, we will reach back out to you as a Prayer Mentor and Please fill out the following information to sign up to be a Prayer Mentor.
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