Dontoshi Exchange 20 Million DTD Giveaway
Dontoshi Exchange will be launched next month for easy and secured crypto trading for Gem finders. Dontoshi token will be used for future development and marketing of the exchange.

Our target is to build advance exchange that can handle 1 millions transactions in seconds to enable Gem finders to be able to find interesting projects and gems (Erc20 tokens) before it goes mainstream.

Dontoshi token will be use to trade other tokens/coins in the exchange with less commission and other benefit than when you trade with bitcoin etc There will be more adoption for the DT token when we launch our lending platform and other project by 3Q of the year.
How to claim your bonus:

1. Register to claim your sign up bonus of 300 dtd. >
2. Follow us on twitter and share our pinned post at
3. Join us on telegram
4. Like our page on facebook at
5. You most remain our community members to claim your token after the official launch.

How to earn more token referring your friends.
1. Share your own ref link with your friend.
2. Earn 25 dtd per valid referral.

Token details:
Token name: Dontoshi token
Token symbol: DTD
Token decimal: 18
Token Total supply: 100 million
Token contract address: 0x7b9f3f8d3c8631246409e4993294d464ffa9ce2e
Trade from the contract address at!/trade/0x7b9f3f8d3c8631246409e4993294d464ffa9ce2e-ETHAfter the official launch Dontoshi token will be listed and traded in our exchange at plus one big exchange listing.

Note: fill the form below for verification after you have signed up, followed us on twitter, joined on telegram and retweeted our twitter pinned post. also confirm below with a simple comment, no need to post your address bcos your bonus and affiliate commission will be credited automatic in your account balance. after you sign up and verified your email your affiliate like will be replace username with your username you used to register. 15 million dtd is signup bonus and 5 million affiliate commission 300 dtd per user and 25 dtd per ref. Your ref will earn 300 dtd and you will earn 25 dtd. Is very important you follow us on telegram to know when to redeem and trade your bonus and affiliate commission on our exchange after the final launch.
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