Whole Life Nurse "CYDC" Mentor
Whole Life Nurse is looking for supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic, motivated, and loving Nurse leaders to be an engaged and interactive part of the Whole Life Nurse "Crafting Your Dream Career" membership community (wholelifenurse.com/cydc)!

This is NOT a paid position, however this is an incredible opportunity to be a leader and voice for the Whole Life Nurse community that comes with perks. You will also receive FREE access to ALL CYDC resources, workshops, and content while being an active mentor!

Role will include:

•engaging with members on a daily/weekly basis and supporting them in their journeys
•pointing members to resources within the CYDC membership and sharing your wisdom & experience to support Nurses in a positive way!
•contributing love & light to conversation within the community
•being an extension of Kelsey's voice and message


•You will receive a special Mentor Badge within the community for members to recognize you
•You will be a part of a private group chat with Kelsey and other Nurse mentors
•You will have the opportunity to share your expertise and talents within the Whole Life Nurse community
•You will be on a small list with other VIPs to be a part of future Whole Life Nurse online and in person events!
•Free access to the CYDC membership
•Optional Quarterly brainstorming Zoom sessions with Kelsey & other mentors to connect, uplift, and get creative!
•You will be a part of the BEST exclusive Nursing team on the planet and the potential for future paid opportunities with Whole Life Nurse

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What makes you want to be a CYDC Intern?
How would you respond to a member who publicly shared a "win" with their career in the membership or on Instagram?  (think how I would respond)
How do describe your personality?
How would you describe the "Whole Life Nurse" Culture?
If a Nurse were to drop this question, how would you respond: "I'm struggling in my career and wanting to leave the bedside, but I don't know what to do! I feel so down everyday and am questioning my career! Would love any insight or support?"!
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