Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Clinical Externship Application Form
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NSRH's Clinical Externship Program is a unique opportunity to be placed directly in a clinical site that provides full scope family planning services, including abortion. This is a privileged program, that relies on the good will of clinical host sites as well as the professional and ethical behavior of CEP participants.

By applying for this program, you are committing to completing your clinical rotation at the agreed upon location, regardless of other circumstances (like graduation or school schedule). Training spots in clinical host sites are extremely limited and competitive, and it is through the generosity of the clinic administration and staff that we are able to secure training spots, which often go to MD and DO students before nursing students.

Certain states have significantly reduced access to clinical host sites, for a variety of reasons, and NSRH is not able to guarantee that a site will be available, and TRAVEL may be required (this will be discussed in more detail during your interview).

Time from completion of your application to placement in clinic varies, due to a variety of factors, with an average time interval of 4 months. Timely completion of your background check and other application documents will expedite your placement.

If you think that for any reason you might be unable to complete your externship, please consider applying at a later date. Please contact if you would like to discuss your circumstances in more detail with a program manager.

You must be a member of an active NSRH chapter in order to apply for this program. Don't have a chapter at your school? Start one today! Email to find out how, or visit our website for more information.

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