Nomination for the 2019 William R. Freudenburg Lifetime Achievement Award
The Lifetime Achievement Award seeks to recognize and advance the spirit of AESS co-founder, the late Professor William R. Freudenburg, whose seminal work in risk perception, social disruption and the causes of environmental degradation helped to shape our contemporary discipline. Through his mentorship, Professor Freudenburg also spawned a new generation of environmental professionals and academics who have pursued interdisciplinary research to address some of the most pressing issues of our time. Through this award, AESS honors members of the profession who have also devoted their lives to strengthening our field by mentoring the next generation of environmental scientists and activists, by fostering disciplinary and human diversity in environmental science and studies, and by engaging in outreach to critical decision makers and the public.

Eligibility Criteria
Nominees must have:
a long record (e.g. 20 years or more) of environmental research, education, and/or outreach accomplishments
addressed environmental challenges through trans-disciplinary approaches or collaborations, or by endeavoring to make their work accessible to scholars and practitioners from other disciplinary traditions;
inspired and actively guided/mentored a generation of environmental scholars, practitioners, and/or policymakers to enact change.

Nominees might have:
an active record of participation and service in AESS demonstrated dedication to service through service in environmental associations, the community, mentoring arrangements, and/or political boards/councils/task forces;

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