Hack the Police 4 ideas database
If you've identified an opportunity for a tech intervention that can improve the experience of victims and witnesses, police officers, investigation or public safety please let us know about it here!

Hack the Police 4 runs across the weekend of 14-15 September. You can find out more at our site: https://hackthepolice.com

Hackathons are voluntary events where teams produce prototypes to test out new ideas. We cannot guarantee that anyone chooses to work on your idea, but if they do we'll let you know, and ensure that you're credited or involved (if you wish to be).
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As promised, we'll be in touch if your idea is taken forward by any teams. In the meantime, please follow our twitter accounts: @hackthepolice and @policerewired for updates, or join our community through: https://policerewired.org
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