Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District CEDS Business Survey
This survey is part of a two-part survey effort being conducted by the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District to help facilitate the development of their Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The goal of this survey is to collect information from businesses in the Kenai Peninsula Borough on their views of economic and business conditions in the borough, challenges faced, and perspectives on future opportunities.

The survey should take approximately ten minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and perspectives.
1. What sector best describes your business?
2. Where is your organization located?
3. Does your organization operate seasonally or year-round?
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4. How many people does your organization currently employ?
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5. How many people does your business employ during peak season?
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6. How do you view the overall business climate on the Kenai Peninsula right now?
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7. How do you view the overall business climate in Alaska right now?
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8. What is the economic outlook in the coming year for your business or industry compared to last year?
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9. Has your organization been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?
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10. If your organization has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, please select any impacts that apply.
11. Does your organization experience workforce challenges? If yes, select all that apply.
12. What other challenges does your organization experience in doing business in the Kenai Peninsula Borough?
13. What would improve your ability to do business in the borough? Please rank the following.
Not helpful
Very helpful
Not Sure
Business coaching/advising
Regulatory changes
Access to capital
Workforce training programs
Lower taxes
Infrastructure investments (roads, ports, highways)
Faster/cheaper internet
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14. To what extent are the following factors a barrier to your organization's growth?
Significant barrier
Moderate barrier
Not a barrier
Not applicable
Condition of the state economy
Availability of professional/technical workforce
Availability of semi-skilled workforce
Job readiness of entry-level workforce
Cost of health insurance
Cost of labor
Cost of goods and materials
Public safety
Federal regulations
State regulations
Conditions of the national economy
Conditions of the state economy
Energy prices
Availability and affordability of quality housing
Availability of commercial property
Cost of commercial lease/rental property
Transportation linkages with suppliers and markets
Access to capital
Local taxes
State taxes
Federal taxes
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15. What is the primary reason you have located your business in the Kenai Peninsula Borough? Check all that apply.
16. Would you like to tell us anything else?
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