UCCI Course Teacher Survey
Hello! Thank you for taking a moment to complete the UCCI Course Teacher Survey!

Our intention in gathering the information asked for in this survey is twofold:
1) We want to develop a living directory of teachers implementing UCCI courses, so that these teachers can easily locate and reach out to others teaching the same or similar courses;
2) We want to help teachers of UCCI courses be as successful and supported as possible, and to that end, we need to know what kinds of support UCCI course teachers need.

The information you provide here will help us realize both of these goals, and will help educators throughout California tap into a growing network of integrated curriculum practitioners!

NOTE: Please complete this form ONLY if you are *currently* teaching or *have taught* a UCCI course. If you will be teaching a UCCI course but are not yet teaching one, please complete this form only after your academic year is underway and you have begun teaching the course.
About You
Your answers in this section will be kept entirely confidential, UNLESS you check the box giving UCCI permission to add your name, school site and email address to our public directory for the sole purposes of connecting with other educators who are implementing or are planning to implement the UCCI course(s) you are teaching.

If you opt in to being included in the directory, the only pieces of information others will be able to view are your name, affiliation and email address. All other information you provide in this survey will be kept confidential and used solely for the express purpose of allowing UCCI staff to help ensure that teachers implementing our courses get the support they need and are asking for.

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UCCI Course Implementation Support
Your answers to the questions in this portion of the survey will help UCCI staff design and provide necessary supports for educators implementing UCCI courses.
How did you come to teach this particular UCCI course? *
What "a-g" subject area designation does the course have at your institution? *
Which CTE sector does the course align with at your institution? *
What credential(s) do you hold? *
A reminder: This information will be kept entirely confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of helping UCCI staff learn about the kinds of support teachers feel they need in order to implement a UCCI course.
What kind of preparation did you receive before you began teaching this course? *
What kind of ongoing support do you have access to as you are currently teaching the course? *
What kind of preparation and/or support did you or do you need that you have not had access to? (please check all that apply) *
Do you have adequate instructional materials to teach this course, including technology? *
How much of the content have you been able to get through? (If you are in your first year of teaching the course, please make your estimate in light of how far into the course you think you "should" be, based on the course framework.) *
Please provide a bit more information Re: how and why you chose the answer you did to the previous question. What supports and/or barriers are you encountering that have either allowed you to get through most of the course content or kept you from being able to get through most of the content? *
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What are the top two challenges you face when it comes to teaching the course content and helping students complete the assignments and projects as they are described in the course framework? *
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Please share two areas of success you have witnessed while teaching this UCCI course (e.g. student engagement; student skill attainment). *
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Is there anything we have not asked you in this survey that you think UCCI staff should know that would further help us support teachers and schools trying to offer UCCI courses to their students?
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Thank you for taking the time to complete the UCCI Course Teacher Survey! The information you have provided will have a huge positive impact on educators throughout the state who are teaching integrated courses.

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