Form ScoutApp WOSM (web survey)
The app is currently running in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We would like to expand it so it can help you as well. To do so, we need you to help us.

1) fill in this short questionaire (that means you are interested! --> You are on the waiting list)
2) spread a word in your scout country (and let fill this questionaire another scout leaders!)
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Pick the three most valuable and the three less valuable features you would appreciate in app as scout leader. (Pick in total 6 items, 3 "best" and 3 "worst".
3 most valuable feature
3 less valuable feature
Email, SMS, in-app notifications
Events photos
Emergency messages (SMS, email, in-app) - e.g. when you miss a bus on a trip and need to let parents know as soon as possible
Payment gateway (for trip / camps)
Attendance management (attendance filled by parents/members, statistics)
Meetings/trips/camps news feed (Facebook - like)
Tasks for events (with automatic templates)
Meetings / trips / camp Activities
Calendar sync (trips added/changed in app automaticly appears in parents calendar)
Events feedback (sent to parents and members)
Auto sync with web and social networks
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