TTC 2020 Attendee Registration
Thank you for your interest in attending TTC this year as an online event!

To help us run this event as best as possible, we'd like to ask you some questions. We will need this information so that we can invite you to the live events in July.
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Which company or institution are you affiliated with?
If you are attending as an independent practitioner and not as a researcher or employee, feel free to skip this question.
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As this is a global event, we need to take account timezones. Please use UTC+n format (e.g. BST is UTC+1, CEST is UTC+2) to answer the question.
When are you available for the live events in July? *
Please indicate when you are available by saying date (dd/mm/yyyy) and AM/PM, where AM is before noon UTC and PM is after noon UTC. For example: "06-07-2020 to 10-07-2020 AM, 13-07-2020 AM, 16-07-2020 AM/PM”.
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