Cat Contract
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Please type the name of the cat/kitten you will be adopting.   *
No Warrantee: We make no warranty as to the temperament or physical condition of the animal. The cat/kitten is being adopted as is. Adoption fees are nonrefundable. *
Spay/Neuter: If this cat has not been sterilized prior to this adoption due, you agree to have the cat altered. The cat will need to be altered when the kitten weighs a minimum of 3 pounds. *
Agreement NOT to Declaw: You will never declaw the cat. Declawing consists of amputating not just the claws, but the whole phalanx including bones, ligaments, and tendons. You understand that scratching is normal cat behavior and you will provide scratching pads and keep their nails trimmed. *
Care of the cat: You agree that this cat is being adopted as a family member and will be INDOOR ONLY. You agree to provide fresh water, food, affection, and shelter. *
Lost Cat: You agree to make an immediate and serious effort to find the cat if it becomes lost by filing lost reports, posting lost cat signs, placing lost cat ads on social media, and contacting us for additional advice. *
No Right To Transfer: If at any time in the future you cannot continue to provide proper care for the cat, you will not abandon, give or sell the cat to another person, company, organization, medical research, pound or animal shelter. You agree to do one of the following: Obtain approval from DNA to transfer ownership of the cat or wait for a space to open up in our rescue. (This could be weeks or months) *
Right to Reclaim: Adopter understands and agrees that DNA reserves the right to reclaim the cat if any of the above conditions are not met. *
Release & Indemnification/No Liability: Adopter hereby releases DNA from any and all liability for personal injury, property damage, legal fees, or veterinary care, or any other expense or liability incurred by adopter as a result of this adoption. *
We are placing a cat/kitten with you, the adopter. This is a legal adoption. You agree to all of the above listed. Please type your full name and date  below. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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