Apply to Join the Invitation List of GFSP Training Programs
This form is for application to be added to the Invitation List of GFSP Training Programs. Organizations on the list are qualified to nominate staff to participate in GFSP training programs. Please note that the invitation list is for organizations, rather than individuals. This training opportunity is provided to relevant national government agencies and national laboratories in developing countries. For administrative reasons, we do not accept application from individuals. However, an interested individual can pass the information to the management of his/her organization and seek support internally. After the organization applied to join our list and get confirmation from the GFSP, the organization will receive invitation to future GFSP training programs and nominate the individual and other qualified staff to participate.

Details of current GFSP training courses can be found here:

Please feel free to contact the us at should you have any questions on the training program.

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