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You are invited to sign up for a 6-week course in dreamwork and art therapy. Please fill out the form carefully for registration. The group will happen weekly via an online platform for around 2 hours per week. The group will have the same members throughout the 6 weeks. In each session, we will have a brief check-in, and then we will make art in session for 30 mins (so please set up with your materials around you). I will ask if anyone has a dream/art they would like to share. During this time, if you are not processing your dream/art, you will be witnessing and holding space for the person who is exploring theirs. We will usually process 1-2 dreams per session. We will then close the session with a checkout.

All discussion and art will be confidential and the group is therapeutic in nature. Please do not sign up if you cannot commit to at least 4 sessions.

Please indicate in the form which session you would like to attend each week. This form is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.
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