Experimental Gameplay at GDC 2020 - Game Submission
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Hint: read the submission text explaining what "experimental" means in the context of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop: http://www.experimental-gameplay.org/
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Gameplay Video Link *
This is *very important*, during the show you'll only have only a few minutes to explain the game to a big audience, so half of our jurying process is to figure out if you understand what's interesting and cool about your game and that you know how to explain it effectively. Video does not need to have any production values, it can be you talking on top of playing the game, it can take any time, and we'll never show it publicly. We may also decide to offer you to show a video instead of a presentation depending on available slots.
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Link to a playable version of the game
Suggestion: use a link that allows you to change the build without changing the url so you don't need to update your submission, like Dropbox.
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Game requires special hardware? (VR stuff, physical elements, consoles, etc.) *
Are you going to be attending GDC 2020? (note: if you can't attend, we can arrange for you to prepare a video, don't be discouraged!) *
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