Cleveland Burlesque LLC Booking Form

Thank you so much for your interest in our show Cleveland Burlesque presents at Beachland Ballroom / Burlesco at The 9. Here's the info you need to know if you are looking to book a show with us.

Pay Out *

Local Performers $50.00 per number
Traveling Performers $125.00 for 2 numbers plus (local housing & Video)

1. Show dates
Beachland Ballroom (Large stage )
October 19th *Halloween*
Nov 2nd *TBA*
December 7th *Star Wars, Star Trek & Stargate*

Burlesco At The 9 ( Cabaret Stage )
Saturday April 13th *Old school/ Neo Burlesque*
Friday September 20th *Old school/ Neo Burlesque*
Friday October 18th *Halloween*
Friday November 15th *Old School / Neo Burlesque*
Friday December 13th *holiday theme*

2. Show location: Cleveland, OH
You may submit up to 2 acts, maximum length 5 minutes with multiple forms . We do cast pop culture / nerdlesque / character acts/ Drag Queens or Kings/ Hula Hoops/ Belly Dance. Non Strip Dance. No nudity is allowed. *Blue Laws Apply*

3. We are not accepting fire acts for this show. Aerial OK (Beachland only). If selected, you must provide proof of insurance and rigging information will be provided to you. You must bring your own apparatus and rigging equipment. No acts that contain the following: glitter dump, food, liquid, confetti or large static / stationary props.

4. By accepting the booking you understand promotion is required and failing to do so will cost you to be dropped from said booking.

5. Performers must be 21 & over to perform with Cleveland Burlesque LLC & Ohio Burlesque.

6. All performers selected are responsible for covering their own travel & lodging local or out of town.
Travel can be provided in local residence if requested. Small stipend for travel available.

7. Any questions, concerns, or complaints should be directed to the

8. Vibe
Make sure to connect with the audience so don’t be afraid to make eye contact, reach out and interact! Let’s leave them turned on, buzzed and always wanting more.
This is a sophisticated event, but not every act has to be classic! Please do bring the funny, bring the sexy, bring the upbeat, bring the dangerously slow but please leave the obscenely crass at home.
If your act is as simple as ‘I’m taking my dress off, SELL IT and WORK THAT ROOM!!!

9. Submissions are for paid spots, but are limited in availability.
10. Feedback available upon request.

Submissions Due Date: May 30th, 2019 11:59PM
Notifications will go out For April And May on March 31st.
The rest will be June 5th.

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Thank you for your show submission, We will be in contact with you as soon as submissions are picked. By submitting this form you understand you are not guaranteed the booking but are submitting to it. *
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