Volunteer signup for 2018 Burning Japan
We made a call out for crew members to make 2018 event happen and the form is open. Currently we are looking for volunteers who can communicate in Japanese. No offense to English speakers, simply we don't have enough resource to run the organizing committee using 2 languages.

BUT! We know that there will be a few participants who are eager to help us. And we do need lots of help in terms of language support. There aren't too many bilingual crew members but our regional burn tends to attract traveling burners from abroad. From proof reading a couple of sentences to a communication guru at the gate, we like to welcome volunteers so this is another signup form for English speakers.


March/ Volunteer signup and kick off meeting
April/ Visiting tour to the site
March thru Fall/ Prep woks depending on your division
Fall/ Burning Japan
December/ Feedback meeting
Next January/ 2019 crew member sign up

※Event date will be announced after our visit to the site in April. Year round volunteering doesn't mean you have to be on duty the whole time, it is basically part time and limited to small assignments in short term.

●No payment policy
Burning Japan is fully funded by ticket sales. We do pay for material cost and necessary expenses but volunteers. All the crew members are expected to support the event without pay. However we are planning to return our favor in a different and much more memorable way than just money.

※There will be some exceptions applied to pyrotechnics and medicals who will be payed for their service.

↓The first question is asking your email address, sorry if it's auto-corrected in Japanese. Hope it'll be shown in your choice of language.

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