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Thank you for your interested in Sherpana and Nepal. Our goal is to provide local guides with the opportunity to book clients over the internet and help them keep a larger portion of the money than when working through agencies.

We appreciate your time and thank you for providing feedback. It will help us create a better platform for both you and the hardworking trekking guides of Nepal.

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What Sherpana features do you like most? *
like alot
neutral (don't care)
do not like
Ability to hire just a guide
Ability to share the cost of a guide
Ability to join a trek with other trekkers
Ability to customize itinerary online
Ability to pay online via credit card
Is there anything else do you like about Sherpana? (please explain)
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What do you NOT like about Sherpana? *
big problem
neutral (don't care)
not a problem
Price does not include food, lodging, and transportation
The site is confusing to use
Not enough available guides to choose from
Don't trust the site/too new
Not enough availble trips to join
Not sure if anyone would join my trip
Technical problem/site crashed
Price (too expensive)
Paying over the internet
Trek I wanted was not listed on the site
Itinerary is too long
Is there anything else you do NOT like about Sherpana? (please explain)
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What would make you more likely to book a trek with Sherpana? *
very likely
neutral (don't care)
less likely
All inclusive trips
Ability to choose who joins my trip
Ability to set a minium group size
Ability to set a maximum price
More guide reviews
More trips to join
More guide options
More itinerary options
Lower price
Is there anything else that would influence you to book a trek with Sherpana?
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About how far in advance were you looking for your trek when you visited the Sherpana site? *
As of now, how will you be organizing your trek in Nepal? *
Did you have any technical problems with the site (links or buttons not working, crashing)? If so please describe.
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