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The mission of the MSC AA is to address the professional interests of the MSC Alumni by cultivating a sense of community through networking, continuing education and mentoring.

Please complete the following form and we welcome your participation.

Per the bylaws of the Northwestern University Master of Science in Communication Alumni Association (MSC AA) you must "opt-in" and elect to be a member.

As a general member of the MSC AA in good standing, you understand you will have the right to attend membership meetings, to make motions, to participate and speak in debate, and to vote on issues and nominees for officers of the MSC AA.

You understand, as well that members of the MSC AA in good standing shall be ambassadors for the MSC program, shall be open to communicating with other MSC AA members, and shall act responsibly with access to any MSC AA member or database information.

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We will use it to communicate with you about MSC AA activities and announcements.

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Serve as an officer on the executive board: president, VP, secretary, treasurer. (Elected position, see bylaws for more information.)
To access and download the current bylaws, follow the link below. The registration process requires you to verify you have read and agree with the bylaws.

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