Fueling Your Fire Facebook Challenge
Fill out this form to join the Fueling Your Fire Facebook Challenge from April 1-12. I'll post little things to get you inspired and into action for a fresh start this Spring.

If you're a homeschool mom (or dad) it can be easy to get burned out and overwhelmed. As we leave the winter behind let's refocus on what motivates us, what lights us up, and what we can do to take the best care of ourselves so that our fire brings warmth and light to the people we love and teach.

This group will give you a taste of what to expect at the "Fuel Your Fire Seminar" at this year's Latter-day Saint Home Educators Conference at Utah State University May 29-31.

About your host:
I'm Jessica Croker, homeschooling mom of 6 kids ages 18-7, a registered Yoga Teacher, a Mindful Living Coach, and creator of The Seedpod-cast, a podcast about embracing unselfish self-care so you can be of the greatest service to the world.

Listen to the Seepodcast here: http://seedpod.buzzsprout.com
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