LPENA Interests Survey (May 2024)
Thank you for checking this out! 

I believe that people want to be connected to their neighbors, but lack the means to do so. My intention with this survey is to find out which groups are the most exciting for folks and build communication channels to make it possible to find your people within the neighborhood!

But also, since we have you, the neighborhood association has two quick questions at the end as well. :)

Responses will be private and only the LPENA board will have access to them. But I will make the aggregate results available in a later email. 
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Which of these activities sound fun to you? (Check all that apply)
What kind of activities/events would you be interested in helping to organize and make happen?
This could be a general category like "crafting", an ongoing activity like "caring for the lakes", or it could be a specific event like the "Annual Harvest Festival".
What do you think are the most important things for the neighborhood association to do? (Pick up to 3)
How many of your neighbors do you know well? (Well enough to invite them to a fun event that you hear about?)
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