Application for Supplies Minigrant
This minigrant is provided by the South Dakota Discovery Center through 319 funding to help cover the cost of supplies for South Dakota teams participating in the 2019-2020 National Geographic GeoChallenge.
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If you are applying for more than one team, please describe each team project and their supplies INDIVIDUALLY.
How much funding will you need?
Minigrant for GeoChallenge supplies is capped at $50/team. Please provide a budget using the list of supplies from the question above. If you are applying for more than team, please provide one list for ALL the teams.
Which is your preference for procuring the supplies?
Our funding does not allow us to give you money to purchase your supplies outright. Your choices are to be reimbursed for supplies purchased (requires an invoice and receipts) or for the SD Discovery Center to purchase the supplies.
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Disclaimer: This minigrant is not sponsored by National Geographic or the GeoChallenge. Participation in the minigrant program is optional and will have no bearing on the outcome of the GeoChallenge. The South Dakota Discovery Center is administering this minigrant opportunity for South Dakota GeoChallenge teams in support the GeoChallenge but does not represent he GeoChallenge or National Geographic.
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