Individuals can choose to identify themselves or remain anonymous. We encourage people to identify themselves so that we can follow up with them to gather more information or regarding a result.

If a complaint involves a severe and imminent threat to student health and safety it should be brought to the immediate attention of the school’s administration. Every effort must be made to seek to address and resolve the potential risk.
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Provide a complete description / explanation of the complaint, including the date of the incident on which the complaint is based, names of students or others responsible or involved in the incident, names of witnesses, and all other relevant facts. *
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Notice: The Anonymous Complaint Form is provided for the use of PSA Students, Parents, Employees, and other concerned Community members who may otherwise be uncomfortable submitting a complaint. Please be aware that due to the anonymous nature of this complaint process the ability of the school to resolve the complaint may be limited. If your complaint is of a serious nature involving potential injury, threats, allegations of sexual harassment, or allegations of discrimination it is recommended you submit a formal complaint so that the issue can be thoroughly investigated.
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