2019 QCESC Cardboard Boat Regatta Race - Volunteer Registration Form
10+ volunteers are being requested to support the annual QCESC Cardboar Boat Race for high schools teams from Iowa and Illinois. The event is the 3rd of 3 events in the QC Tech Challenge (Bridge Building event and Trebuchet Egg Throw Contest).

No previous experience is required to be a volunteer. The estimated time required for the volunteers is from 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM with the event being held at the Bettendorf Middle Park Lagoon - Bettendorf, Iowa. A brief training and overview will be provided to the volunteers just prior to the start of the event.

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Volunteer Positions Available
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Technical Judge for Student Presentation & Interviews - (3 total on judging panel)
Timing Volunteer - Time how long each boat takes to complete the course (2 total)
Photographers & Video Clips (1 total)
Inspector & Check-in  - Insure in compliance with rules (1-2 total)
Floaters - (2 total)
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