Pre-Application Form for İMÜ TÖMER Turkish Proficiency Exam (İMÜ TÖMER TYS Ön Başvuru Formu)
WARNING: Candidates who are going to take the exam are required to submit their passport photocopy and payment receipt. For more information:
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Name and Surname (Adı-Soyadı) *
Passport Number (Pasaport Numarası) *
Father Name (Baba Adı) *
Mother Name (Anne Adı) *
Gender (Cinsiyet) *
Date of Birth (Doğum Tarihi) *
Nationality (Milliyet) *
Home Address (Ev Adresi) *
Phone Number (Telefon Numarası) *
Which exam do you want to take (Hangi sınava girmek istiyorsunuz)? *
!!! Did you send your bank receipt (300 TL) and photocopy of your passport to the​ ? If you didn't, please send it now (Ödeme dekontunuzu (300 TL)) ve pasaport fotokopinizi şimdi gönderin). *
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