Inspire Africa​’s Train-the-Trainers is a program designed to empower young business leaders across Nigeria through partner facilitators/trainers. This program is proudly sponsored by the US Embassy Consulate (Lagos, Nigeria) with the aim of scaling the impact of our LIGS programs to benefit more entrepreneurs and create more jobs in Nigeria and other African countries.

​As John C. Maxwell best puts it, “one is too small a number to achieve greatness”, if you or your organization already provide business training to young people in your communities or you are interested in launching a training program for young business people in your community, school, church or organization, then talk to us to see how you can become a Certified Facilitator with Inspire Africa and exponentially increase your effectiveness.

Inspire Africa will be recruiting 12 authentic youth with credible track record for a 2 weeks training who will become Inspire Africa certified team of trainers. They will boost their business skills and work with us to deliver exceptional training program. Accommodation and feeding will be provided during the period of the program.


1.Applicant must have an existing start-up business or a well-researched business idea awaiting implementation. Whether 2. idea or start-up, business must have a potential social or environmental impact on society.
3. Applicant must be an open-minded visionary. Must also have a credible track-record.
4. Applicants must not be small thinkers! We are looking for authentic youths who think big, believe big and do big.
5. Applicants must be willing to reside peacefully with other fellows during the period of the program.
6. Must be willing to lead 1 or 2 training per month or within two months.
7. Individuals between the ages of 23 and 40 can apply.
8. Applicants must speak, write, and read English with proficiency and have regular access to the internet
9. Applicants must have facilitated a program before.
10. Applicants must be passionate about empowering young people in Africa.
11. Applicants may have a training center or proposed venue for conducting training. (optional but preferable)
12. Applicants must reside in Nigeria, Ghana or Tanzania.


- It is important that Inspire Africa Trainers commit to:
- Upholding the mission and vision of Inspire Africa.
- Adhering to the Inspire Africa Programs shared principles and code of conduct; committing to representing the Inspire Africa with dignity.
- Facilitators shall take the learning gleaned and host Inspire Africa’s Entrepreneurship Training Programs (ETPs) for
- young entrepreneurs in their respective cities/states at least once every 2 months .
- Work as a team with Inspire Africa on project Implementations.
- Consistent bi-weekly communications with Inspire Africa, providing regular updates on projects outcome.
- Regular communication with fellow Inspire Africa trainers through email and social platforms.

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Will you be able to cover your cost of transportation from your location to INSPIRE AFRICA institute location in Delta State, Nigeria?
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