Complicity Cleanse
We admire you. And, we want you to be part of the collective effort that empowers well-meaning folks to divest from oppression. Divestment will require more from ALL of us-- the ones who have been engaged in social justice for decades, and the ones who just learned what the Electoral College is.

This form is designed for an individual or organization interested in sponsoring a day, or several of the Complicity Cleanse. The website is live, but not yet complete-- the 21-day menu will begin on January 1st 2017, people are already signing up and our hope is that the Cleanse goes viral. The Complicity Cleanse will encourage participants to mindfully engage in lifestyle changes that inspire consciousness, compassion, knowledge and understanding of issues that affected to the outcome of this election (listed below).

Each day of the Cleanse is structured like a menu, with information, resources, questions, actions and challenges, each surrounding a different social issue. We want to remind participants that everything they consume is an act and empower them to consume consciously. The daily menus are layered with information and contemplations, that will hopefully fuel a conversation, an act, and eventually a habit. We would love for you to participate not only in the cleanse, but by sponsoring a day, or two, or three. If we have more than 21 submissions, we may extend the length of the Cleanse for months to come-- this is actually the idea-- to inspire a lifetime/ lifestyle of change.

Please populate as many of the below menu categories as you are able. Think about how to answer prompts such that they empower the every day reader. We arent promising to solve all the problems of the world with this cleanse, but to give people access to ideas and to each other. Include the links in the answer text. You may submit more than one form.We will include example PDF's in a separate email. Let us know if you would like additional examples of template pages, and please visit our website There is so much work for love to do!

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How can people learn more about your work? (i.e. website, Facebook page, Twitter...)
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Part of building coalition asks us to identify the vast berth of our collective complicity and reduce it down to the seven deadly categories. We have identified them below. Please choose the category most fitting to your cause. If we've made an oversight and you don't feel represented by any of the categories, PLEASE lets us know in the comments section at the end of this form -- We're always growing and improving!
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An entry point, a daily reflection, something to set the menu i.e. a quote, a question, a meditation. Include 1-2 appetizers with your submission.
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Main courses should fill you up, give a foundation for understanding a current issue or injustice. These will include links to articles, documentaries, podcasts, etc. We encourage you to offer just one or two main dish! The idea with the cleanse is to give participants a strong dose of information everyday with out bombarding them with too much language-- or disempowering them through an overwhelming sense of what "we dont know". Choose the most dense, meaningful and comprehensive media for your the issue you would like to represent.
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To be paired with the main course, sides will range from immediate shifts in language or habits to long-game sustainable actions to divest from and disempower systems of oppression. Participants will be encouraged to choose from 1-3 sides everyday. We suggest that you offer some immediate, actionable challenge and some long-game challenges. Offer no more than 5-sides per issue; be creative!
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In the fight for equity and justice, we must also fiercely commit to a practice of love and self-care. For dessert, we'd like to offer activities for balance, peace, rest, and meditation -- reminders to name the sunny days as much as we name the imminent storms. Desserts can include contemplative practices, walks, funny videos, pleasant podcasts, songs, inspiring artworks etc. Think recipes for healing-- how do you take care of yourself?
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Let us know which categories you would like to know more about
Let us know if there are categories you specifically would like to know more about-- we all could learn from each other!
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