Nominate Your Peers For Social Star Awards!
Everyone's favorite part of the conference is back and it is time to nominate your peers, your team, and even your office pets (just kidding!) for recognition in the 2019 Social Star Awards!

This year the award categories that will be voted upon are:

1) Best Industry Collaboration - To include multi-club sponsorship programs, purchasing programs, events or other collaborations that may exist

2) Best Video Campaign - In-house i.e. produced by club employees that do not have a professional background in video production

3) Best Video Campaign - Professionally produced

4) Industry Impact Award - Given to the person(s) or organization(s) that has/have contributed the most to the industry in terms of knowledge share

5) Best Marketing Innovation - Social Media, experiential marketing, grass roots or other format

6) Philanthropy Award - Nominations from the general membership are welcome; however, this award will be determined by the EC

7) Product/Program Innovation - Given to the organization with the most innovative product, league or event offering

8) Legacy Award - For owners and staff that have served the Social Sports Industry for 10+ years (Benchmarks to be recognized every 5 years after Year 10)

9) Partner of the Year - Nominations from the general membership are welcome; however, this award will be determined by the EC



The deadline to submit your nomination(s) is midnight EST on January 7th. Membership voting will be held Jan 14th-23rd.

Awards receiving a large volume of nominations may be screened by the EC. Some select awards may be determined by the EC.

Final nominations and award winners will need to supply Chris Wessely with the following items for integration into the award show at Deadline for submission to Chris will be January 28th.

1) Logo
2) 2-3 pics regarding the subject (I e. The person or activity)
3) Short video clip (optional)
4) Script for the nomination write-up / voiceover (if not included, Chris will use the information provided for why the person / organization was nominated)
5) For video nominees, a YouTube video link must be provided


The Champions Awards and Customer Service Awards for Membership Tiers 1, 2 and 3 will also be presented this year. Please visit for details on how to participate.

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