WISE 2017 - Fifth Anniversary
Welcome to WISE 2017!

The final dates for WISE 2017 are the following:

· WISE Valencia I: 26 - 30 June

· WISE Valencia II: 3 - 7 July

· WISE Brussels: 21 - 25 August

Due to high demand, we will hold two separate workshops in Valencia. Both are to be held under equal conditions while at the same time being independent from each other with a different group of participants at each. This will also allow us to have a reduced number of interpreters at each workshop.

If you are interested in participating in any of these editions, please fill out the form below.

The registration period will close on April 30. We will then start the selection process and will email you once it has finished. We hope to do so by the end of May.

The WISE workshops are intended for professional conference interpreters who are seeking to improve their interpreting technique, both in consecutive and simultaneous modes. In 2016, the booths catered for were Spanish, English, French, German and Italian (as well as Dutch at WISE Brussels), with the same language regime planned for 2017. Furthermore, the workshops place a particular focus on offering the chance to work on a retour, with feedback provided by native colleagues.

Detailed information on WISE can be found below, along with an application form.


· The Idea Behind WISE

The workshop is run on a mutually beneficial basis, relying on the goodwill of all participants. This means that as a participant, you will interpret the speeches of other colleagues while also receiving feedback from them. In return, you will give constructive feedback and helpful advice to others, as well as speeches in your native language.

· Equipment and Booths

The Universidad Europea de Valencia (UEV) and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) will provide professional standard booths along with all the necessary technical and audiovisual equipment, as well as a classroom for consecutive.

· Price and Registration

Given that feedback and speeches will be given on a mutually beneficial basis among professional colleagues, there will be no paid speechgivers or teachers. Nevertheless, in order to cover the organisation and coordination of the event, there will be a fee of 200 EUR per participant. A proportion of this fee will be set aside for covering any costs which may be incurred in the case of equipment being damaged.

Participants are required to pay a part of this fee (50 EUR) in advance by bank transfer as a deposit in order to secure their place. The deposit cannot be returned upon cancellation given that a cancellation by one participant can cause significant changes to the timetable, which is tailored to the participants and their language combinations. The remainder of the fee will then be payable shortly before the session itself.

· Accommodation, food and transport

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation, food and transport.

· Structure of the seminar

The WISE timetable is tailored to the combinations of participants, meaning that practice time will vary in accordance with the number of B and C languages each participant has. Nevertheless, the aim is for all participants to benefit from similar practice periods each. For those with fewer languages, options will be sought to bring the number of practice hours in line with the rest of the group.

Each practice session will consist of two groups – consecutive and simultaneous – determined by language combinations and the number of participants. Both groups will work at the same time in parallel in different rooms. Each practice session will last an hour and a half and where possible time will be equally divided between each language pair over the course of the week. Consecutive and simultaneous will be practiced by all interpreters to a roughly equal degree.

The timetable will be defined closer to the seminar but participants can expect sessions to run roughly from 9.30am until 18.30pm with breaks throughout, Monday to Friday (both included).

Each participant will have to prepare 4 to 6 speeches in their mother tongue; two or three for simultaneous and two or three for consecutive.

· WISE as preparation for institutional accreditation tests

WISE sessions broadly mimic a lesson format and style common to many MA courses. Naturally, this will mean that the content and focus of the sessions will be well-suited to preparing for an institutional test. Nevertheless, given that the content of the sessions is mainly to be determined by the participants themselves, the organisers can make no claims as to whether or not a WISE session will help participants prepare for a particular test. Specific sessions on certain topics or for certain institutional tests may be organised depending on demand and on the will of the majority of participants.

·WISE as preparation for the private market

The skills developed at WISE are equally applicable to interpreting both at large institutions and on the private market, with each participant prioritising their own professional needs. For those who intend to work solely on the private market, WISE may represent a good opportunity to work on one's retour or B language, a prized asset in non-institutional settings. The organisers will do their best to ensure that feedback on retour performances is always provided by a native colleague.

- How will WISE help me to progress in my career?

Although WISE vaguely models its session format on what might be found on an MA course, it is not a recognised qualification in any way and has no official links with the EMCI, EU or other institutions. Sessions will be led to a large degree by WISE participants themselves, meaning that the organisers can make no explicit claims about the quality of teaching. Participants should see WISE as an opportunity to practice, not as a means of gaining a qualification. It is in essence a practical workshop and has not been designed as a training course for a specific professional aim.

Nevertheless, participants will be offered the possibility of obtaining a WISE attendance certificate.

If you are interested in taking part in WISE, fill in the form below. We will get back to you once the selection process for WISE 2017 closes.

Many thanks,

Joe Burbidge and Jose Sentamans
WISE Interpreting Workshop Coordinators


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