Writing Voice Survey
How do you feel about your writerly voice—the way your words create a voice on the page?

Fill out this short survey (6 core questions) to help me gather insight into this less-understood but important part of the writing craft.

This research will support an upcoming book on writing voice. 

What I mean by "voice"

Voice is the human presence detected by the reader’s mind (and perhaps replicated in their head as a virtual spoken voice as they read). It is a sense of the human being creating the words. Everything we write has a voice—even if it's cold and distant.

Please pass it on!

Please share the link with  your other writing friends, because a broader base makes the research more interesting. 

If you provide your email, I'll send you the survey report when it's done. (Your responses remain anonymous.)

Thank you for helping me and, I hope, other writers! 


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About Your Writing
What kind of writing do you do in your life and work?  (Don't count journaling and personal messages.)

Select all that apply, choosing the closest matching categories. 
Thinking about the writing you do most (or that is most important to you):

On a scale of 1 to 5, how happy are you with your writing voice and how it represents you and your ideas?

Not happy
Very happy
How do you control or modify your writing voice? 
Changing voices 
Do you ever write in other voices that aren't "authentically" you? Choose all that apply: 

(Skip if this does not apply to you.)
How would you finish the following sentence? Choose all that apply.

If I could change anything about my writing voice, I wish I could make it....
Anything I missed? Are there other attributes you wish your voice could embody? 
Optional: Are there any other parts of your writing life you would like to work on or strengthen? (Help me decide what other topics to tackle in books, posts, and more.)
Optional: Enter your email and I'll send you the survey report when it's done. (See how your answers compare to a broader community of writers.) 

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