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This form is step 1 to booking an 1:1 session with Alena Michelle. Completing this step allows me to know if we will be a good match. While I want to help everyone, I will not accept a client that I don't believe I can help. If I choose not to work with you for any reason I will attempt to find someone who can help you. Why? Because I love seeing people succeed and I know that I'm not always the right person for the job although I strive to be the right fit more often than not. Upon completing this form I will reach out to you via email to schedule a free consultation and get you started in the program that best fits your needs.
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Many of my programs include follow up via text/phone calls.
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I do work with women who are not mothers. However my expertise is in balancing motherhood with other roles.
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I usually recommend that my clients work with me for 90 days for best results, with an exception for those participating in a shorter term program. Are you ready to commit to 90 days of hard work changing your mentality and day to day life? *
Balance takes commitment and accountability is a skill that is learned through consistency. It takes 21 days to create a habit but 90 to create a lifestyle. My goal is to change your life!
My programs, sessions and courses range from $15-$900 are you financially prepared to expense up to $300/month for the next 3 months? *
Your budget will help me determine what option will be best for you.
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