The Sisterhood
The Sisterhood's mission is to provide a non-therapeutic space for individuals with a shared experience that other's don't always understand.  Our goal is to provide a place where you can get and/or give support to others in fun, interactive, and non-conventional ways. 

Individuals participating in The Sisterhood are those that identify as female or non-binary and have a shared experience of having been forced to work or perform sexual acts in order to obtain basic needs or in exchange for money, drugs, or other goods. While discussions about your past may occur naturally, it will not be expected that you have to share any information. 

The next meeting will be held Thursday, June 20th at the World's Fair Park from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. There will be a table set up near the fountains. We will be making some tie dye items and running through the fountains if you want!  It is not expected for you to stay the whole time, but encouraged for you to drop in and stay for as long as you feel comfortable. We will also be serving a meal and have soda/water available.

We understand that transportation can be a barrier - we are able to provide individuals who participate with a 1 day bus pass at this time.

Each group meeting will be hosted by Grow Free Tennessee and lead by a fellow survivor. Staff will be present to help ensure that conversations are positive and safe. If there is a concern for safety during the meeting staff may ask an individual to leave or individuals to separate. 

You do NOT have to be receiving services from Grow Free Tennessee to participate in The Sisterhood.

If you are interested in case management or therapeutic services you can contact the hotline at 865-292-0285.
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If you are unsure if The Sisterhood is right for you, feel free to utilize the following check list.  If you feel that one or more of these scenarios have occurred in your life, you may benefit from The Sisterhood.

Answering this question will not be linked to you, but is used as a guide for YOU.

Please note that this list may not cover all ways a person may be exploited.
Safety is very important to The Sisterhood.  By attending meetings you are agreeing to not share information about others that attend outside of the meetings. 
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