The proposals are invited from 10th January, 2020 and the last date to submit your proposals is 10th March 2020. After we received your application, we will send you a confirmation mail.

• Maximum length of a performance piece is 10 minutes (or less)
• One performance piece per participating group
• Number of dancers (minimum 1 dancer, maximum of 20)
• Limited technical support is available, so please consider your prop and costume specifications.
• Information about the choreography to be provided
• Space and tech. time on stage will be scheduled at a later date and the specific time will be informed through email before arrival.
• Each piece will be provided a studio space time, and the specific time will be informed through email before arrival.

Additional Information
• There will be no filming and photo taking during the performance. If you need to
film your dance, please do so during your own spacing time.
• All participants (dancers and choreographers) must be registered delegates.
• The stage size is 12m wide x10m depth and 6m height.
• The lighting plot will be provided to the accepted dances. Less than 6 lighting cues are
available. No support of complicate technical request.
• The entrance to the stage is around 1.9m(high)x0.8m(wide). Please consider the size of your prop and costume.

Please email this form for the performance proposal in English.
Please decide Google Drive or Vimeo
* We are using Vimeo to share your dance with the WDA Performance Selection Committee. Vimeo is a safe, free video sharing site. You will need to set up a basic Vimeo account and once you have an account you will be able to send your dance.

Follow the process below to set up your account. The tutorial at will assist you.

1. Access Vimeo via the following URL link:
2. Click ‘Sign up for Vimeo’
3. Click ‘Sign up for Basic’
4. Fill in the relevant details
5. Click ‘Join Vimeo’
6. You will now need to activate your account. To do this you will need to access your email account where you should have received a new email by Vimeo. The email will include a link to click on which will complete your registration.
7. Upload your video.
8. Include Vimeo links with the webpage and password.
9. Don’t forget to provide a title and description so that the video will be easily identified and aligned with your application.
Title of the dance: *
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Company / Organization (if applicable): *
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Director / Choreographer (if applicable): *
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Number of dancers involved: *
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