What Needs To Happen Before You Feel Safe Returning to School?
Who decides if it is safe for students and teachers to come back and what advice are they following? Both the National Education Association and AFT have said schools shouldn’t reopen until there is more widespread testing and contact tracing for the coronavirus, and have raised the possibility that teachers could strike or protest if they are sent back to buildings too soon.

What do you believe should be included in any re-opening plan created by the Commissioner?

Use this form to submit you question or concern for tonight's Tuttle Talk and to assist NEA-NH in crafting a safe back-to-school plan.
What concerns you most about safely returning to school?
What do you think MUST be included in any plan to re-open schools?
Who do you think MUST be involved in creating the plans, policies and procedures to safely re-open our public neighborhood schools? (Check all that apply)
If you could ask the Education Commissioner one question about safely re-opening schools, what would it be?
Without a vaccine, how comfortable are you returning to the classroom?
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Very Comfortable
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Do you think social distancing, screening, smaller class sizes and staggered schedules are enough to allow public schools to safely re-open?
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