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Virginia Working Landscapes recruits citizen scientists every spring to assist with pollinator, bird, plant, and mammal surveys on working grasslands, such as hay fields and livestock pastures, across 16 counties in Virginia.

These surveys are part of an important, ongoing study to understand how various management regimens (like haying, prescribed burning, or native grass planting) affects key elements of ecosystem health and function (such as biodiversity, abundance, or nutritional metrics).

There is no need to be an expert naturalist to participate in the surveys, all that is required is an interest in learning and sufficient time to dedicate to the project. Each survey will have a mandatory introductory meeting that will cover important information such as survey protocols, identification skills and site assignments.

If you want to get involved, just fill out the information below and our staff will be in contact with you very soon. Thanks!

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As a VWL citizen scientist, you will gain admission to exclusive VWL workshops and seminars, as well as guided nature walks and social gatherings. Therefore, to best serve our citizen scientists in these programs, we would like to know a bit about you.

Any information you choose to provide (all questions are optional) will be completely confidential and will not affect your eligibility to participate in surveys.

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How did you find out about the Virginia Working Landscapes citizen science program?
Tell us about your outdoor experiences and skills, and/or describe any field work you have done. For example, tell us if you have experience: using field guides, GPS devices, spotting scopes, or binoculars; deploying and maintaining camera-traps; identifying plants, birds (by sight and sound), butterflies, insects, or bumblebees; conducting point count surveys, sweep netting, or preparing plant/insect specimens.
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Where do you want to work and what surveys interest you?
To help us match you with your partner, select your survey type(s) to conduct, and assign you to specific field sites as expediently and easily as possible, we request the following information.
Do you have a partner(s) in mind with whom you want to work? If so, let us know! (please respond like this: "Jane Smith, janesmith@email.rom").
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Which surveys are you interested in conducting?
Map of VWL Survey Counties
Where are you willing to travel and conduct surveys?
Are you eligible to participate in surveys?
Please note that attending introductory training sessions and signed media releases are mandatory for participation in VWL surveys.
To promote VWL activities and achievements throughout the year, images of volunteers may be highlighted - for example - on our website, Facebook page, or brochures. Are you willing to authorize VWL to photograph, take video footage, and/or take electronic sound recordings of you; and do you also authorize VWL to use these images, video, or sounds for outreach, educational, or research materials? (this is not a binding contract, just a question of willingness)
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