2019 Tekko Fan Photographer Application
This application is for your badge to be marked by staff as a fan photographer. Your information--studio name, website, and preferred means of contact-- will be added to a list shared on the Tekko website, and you'll be permitted to advertise in the official event pages. In addition, you'll be granted access to the Photographer's Lounge to meet clients and charge equipment. There is no additional charge for this designation.
What is your name? *
This is your legal name as used to pre-register for Tekko. It will not be shared outside of relevant staff.
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What is your studio name, or your preferred name? *
This will be published.
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Are there other members of your studio, such as assistants? If so, please list their names.
This is to be sure they get the designation and are able to enter the lounge with you.
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What is your email? *
Please carefully check the spelling. This will be your sole point of contact for official information. It will not be published.
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What is your main website? *
This is where your cosplay photography can be viewed and where clients can contact you. The quality or quantity of your work is not being judged. This link will be published.
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What is your price range for a half hour shoot? *
If you prefer not to answer, or do not book in half hour increments, choose "clients should contact me to discuss times and pricing." This information will be published.
Are you currently booking? *
Please email us at fanphotographers@teamtekko.us when your booking is closed so we can update your information.
I have read and agree to follow all Tekko policies. I understand that I am not being given or offered a staff position, and that this does not grant me backstage access, authority to move attendees, or to set up a semi-permanent location or signage. *
I understand that all payments must be arranged up front, before any photos are taken, and that solicitation for paid shoots must be done online only. *
I understand that staff is not liable for any equipment or personal items that I leave unattended in the Photographer's Lounge. *
Anything you need us to know?
Questions can also be addressed to fanphotographers@teamtekko.us at any time.
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