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Welcome to the Field of Dreams Performing Arts Online Registration!


Please read the documents below to aid you in your class choices and times. We suggest you read carefully as changes have been made. Also, some Calendar information may change and be updated as the season progresses, so check the link frequently.

Class Descriptions -

Class Schedule -

Tuition Information -

Dress Code -


New students and students that do not know what class level they should be taking, need to be assessed. Assessments will be held at the Studio on August 25th and 27th from 5pm to 8:30pm. You can choose the day and time that is more convenient to you.


Four things before you start, please follow these instructions:

1.Type "N/A" to questions that don't apply to you.

2. Please, make sure you press the final SUBMIT Button at the very end of the process to finish the registration, otherwise it won't get through.

3. You will not be able to pay straight from this form. Payments can be processed online on our website, by mail, or onsite at our studio when it opens during assessments. You will see detailed instructions at the end of this form. Make sure you refer to the have the Tuition Information document for the correct amount of tuition and fees.

4. COMPLETE ONE SEPARATE FORM PER STUDENT. If you are registering more than one student in the family --after filling out all separate forms-- you will be able to pay your total amount as stated in 3.
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