Hunting on Private Property, Martha's Vineyard
Thank you for helping support The MV Tick Program work to reduce the number of deer on Martha’s Vineyard as part of efforts to limit ticks and tick-borne illnesses, which deer play a role.

Our focus is on neighborhoods where deer and ticks are abundant.

What is the program? We connect landowners with a responsible bow and arrow hunters to cull deer during hunting season. These deer are used by the hunters to feed their families and friends or are donated to IGI’s Venison Donation Project to feed community members in need.

Learn more about the Venison Donation Project here:

Please forward this note to a friend and neighbors.
Do you currently allow hunting on your property? *
If you do not want hunting on your property, Massachusetts hunting regulations state that "hunters may not hunt within 500 feet of any dwelling or building in use without permission form the dwelling owner or occupant."Will you be willing to allow hunting on a NEIGHBORS property within 500 feet of your house when you are there, at times of your choice?
If yes to the first two questions, please check this box to provide permission for hunting within 500 ft of your home
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