This Google form titled "Student Satisfaction Survey on Overall Institutional Performance (SSS)" is prepared to collect the feedback from the outgoing batch of Handique Girls' College for the session 2022-2023.

The students will have to give proper thought to all the questions and respond with utmost sincerity. This form is confidential in nature.

The last date for submission of this form is 19/05/2023.
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1. The overall quality of the teaching-learning process in your college is very good- *
2. How much of the syllabus was covered in the class? *
3. Does the college provide transparency in conducting internal examination and sharing of marks? *
4. The College implements capability enhancement and development schemes such as soft skill development, Remedial coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Personal Counselling and Mentoring, etc. *
5. The mentoring process in your college facilitates you in social and emotional growth- *
6. The teachers identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide the necessary guidance- *
7. The College takes active interest in promoting internship, student exchange, field visits, study tours, training programmes etc. for students- *
8. Guidance offered by the College in considering and opting for different career opportunities- *
9. There are adequate numbers of classrooms in the College- *
10. The whole college has adequate light and fan facilities- *
11. The College campus is well-maintained and contributes to a student's overall well-being- *
12. Your College provides opportunities for participation in NSS/NCC/Cultural activities- *
13. Do you agree that your College is providing adequate facilities for sports and gym- *
14. Adequate hygiene and sanitation facilities are available in the College- *
15. The College library and the various teaching departments offer adequate learning resources for students- *
16. The environment of the library is conducive for research and study- *
17. The assistance received from the library staff can be rated as- *
18. How would you rate the College canteen? *
19. The College ensures availability and accessibility of various welfare schemes for students like scholarships (both Govt. and College funded), fellowships, etc.-
20. In your most recent interaction with the office staff of the College your queries and and problems were resolved in a professional manner- *
21. How was your overall experience with the administrative/office staff of your College? *
22. The College is centrally located in the city where public transportation is easily available- *
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