PRO Act Letter of Support
The PRO Act is a national bill that has passed the house and would completely change the playing field for unions and working people. This law would protect the right to organize and bolster ordinary Montanans. We have an open letter of support that we plan to present to our national representatives. If you support working people, please add your name! The letter text is below.

Dear MT Congressional Representative:

On behalf of Montana's unions and workers, we urge you to support and become a vocal champion of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. Montanans believe that this legislation takes necessary steps toward rebuilding the middle class and reduces the erosion of worker rights.

A resounding message was sent in Helena on March 2nd, 2021, when "Right to Work" legislation was defeated: Montanans want unions. However, there is a huge gap between the share of workers with union representation and the share of workers that would like to have a union and a voice on the job but can’t because current law is written to protect employers from organized workers. The PRO Act would take a major step forward in closing that gap, addressing income inequality, and ultimately growing a strong working class.

From Libby to Bozeman, Glendive to Plentywood, today’s economy is not working for working people and their families. Wages have stagnated for workers across the economy, while income has skyrocketed for CEOs and the wealthiest one-percent. In large measure, this inequality is the result of a loss of bargaining power and the erosion of workers’ ability to exercise their rights on the job. Unions are essential to reversing these conditions.

We urge you to demonstrate to Montanans that workers and their rights are a priority for this Congress. Stand in solidarity with union members and yet-to-be-organized workers across the state in their efforts to expand meaningful worker rights and protections, as well as better wages and working conditions. We urge you to be PRO Active about the PRO Act by publicly advocating for it at every opportunity and by opposing ALL efforts to weaken this legislation.
This letter of support for the PRO Act is for individuals and organizations (unions, nonprofits, political organization etc.). This letter with all names/organizations signing on will be delivered to Montana's Congressional Representatives. I am signing on in support... *
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