SMASH Team & Leadership Positions for 2018-2019

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in SMASH!

SMASH is looking for Ryerson students who are interested in promoting mental health and wellness within the Ryerson community.

Please note, all positions are voluntary (non-paid), and our SMASH team is 100% voluntary!

If you have any questions or comments, email us at

Applications close midnight, WED MARCH 7TH.

Selected applicants will be contact for interviews in mid-March.

Who are you, and what position(s) are you applying for?
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It is not mandatory for you to be a current Ryerson student.
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Applying for SMASH Position(s)
What kind of *tasks* would you like to do at SMASH? We assign roles mostly based on what you'd like to do and accomplish. Select all that apply. You would always have a team to support and/or collaborate with you during these tasks! *
If you would like to facilitate SMASH events that are planned by other team members, which events would you like to facilitate?
Other comments, ideas, or suggestions for SMASH tasks. Please write anything you'd like to do that wasn't mentioned above, or anything that you think SMASH should do!
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Why are you interested in SMASH *
In your answer, please include (1) why you want join the team, (2) what you can contribute to the team, and (3) what you hope to gain from this leadership experience. The suggested length is 150 to 250 words. There is no maximum length, however, please provide us a complete and concise answer to the best of your ability.
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How much time are you able to commit to SMASH per week? *
Please see the "SMASH Leadership Positions" document for the time commitments specific to the role(s) you are applying for.
Please be honest with your strengths and weaknesses - we don't expect you to know everything! We all are continually learning and growing :) And remember, read the questions CAREFULLY!
I am.... *
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I am reliable and accountable.
I am often late to appointments.
I work well with deadlines.
I am organized. (e.g. uses calendar, makes 'to do' lists, etc)
I sometimes struggle with receiving feedback and criticism about my work.
I am good at maintaining multiple commitments.
I sometimes struggle with time management.
I am good at prioritizing my tasks.
I like learning new things.
I am usually working on things the night before it is due.
I will first try to find something by myself, before asking someone else for assistance.
I usually finish my tasks before the due date.
I am willing to learn new things alone if needed.
I am comfortable working independently.
I usually notice the small details.
I am comfortable working with teammates.
I tend to focus on the 'big picture' instead of the small details.
Public speaking. Select all that apply. *
Please be honest with your abilities and comfort levels. We do not expect you to be an expert public speaker, and not all positions include public speaking or engaging with strangers.
Teamwork. Select all that apply. *
If you are applying for a position on the Social Media and Marketing team, please indicate your experience and comfort level with the following platforms. Note: experience is an asset, but it is not required.
I do not have experience. I am not comfortable learning this platform.
I do not have experience. I am willing to independently learn this platform.
I have experience, but I am not proficient. I am willing to independently learn this platform.
I have experience and I am proficient.
Facebook Organizational Pages
Graphic design programs like Adobe Illustrator
Misc. Questions, and the end!
You're almost there! Just a few more questions...
How did you hear about the new leadership positions? *
Free texts - would like to elaborate on any of your answers?
You can use this space to elaborate on any of your answers above, if you feel necessary. For example: "I am comfortable public speaking alone to groups of 5-15, but I am only comfortable speaking to larger groups if I have another speaker with me."
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Free text - is there anything you want us to know?
You can use this space to inform us if there is anything we should know in order to accommodate and respect you. For example: preferred pronouns, or triggers to avoid.
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