Application Form- Code To Change Program 2016
This is an application form to apply for The Code To Change 2016 program. The program is a five-month extended program. The program kicks off with a three-day event which includes e-skills boot-camp and conference. Selected participants will be invited to join us in Amsterdam, Netherlands in the first week of November.

All selected participants are required to pay the registration fee of 45 Euros for the e-Skills boot-camp. This will give you access to the conference as well. We have limited number of seats, so please proceed to the registration link as soon as you get confirmation of your acceptance to the program.  We will share the link to the registration page shortly.

The details of 5-month extended program will be shared with participants who make it to the next phase of the program.

Please keep an eye on our social media outlets for updates. You can find us on Twitter at @codetochange

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The Code To Change 2016, Amsterdam
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(Yes, you have to be a female to apply for the coding bootcamp. However, anyone can join the conference. Please ask for conference details.)
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This email will be used to communicate important information about the bootcamp and conference.
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Age Group *
(People from all age groups can apply for the bootcamp, provided you have the motivation for learning something new!)
Profession *
We would like to know what diverse fields and backgrounds our applicants are coming from. You do not need to have any prior experience in the IT sector or knowledge of coding to apply.
I am applying for *
(Code to Change kickoff event consists of two days of coding bootcamp one day conference. The Program is an extended five month mentoring program for a limited number of participants who successfully finish the 3-day bootcamp.)
Motivation Statement *
Tell us your story! Tell us why you would like to join this coding bootcamp. What are your goals and expectations?
Are you available to join this coding bootcamp and conference (all three days?) *
Preference will be given to applicants who are available to join throughout the three days of the bootcamp, from 3-5 November, 2016.
Any other information you feel we should know?
e.g. any special requirements, daycare services for children etc that we should know about.
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