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Please submit this form if your school is interested in presenting a poster during the Poster Session.
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Fidelity of Implementation Criteria
2017-2018 and 2018-2019 MO SW-PBS data submission and implementation data will be reviewed to ensure that building is an active participant with MO SW-PBS and implementing SW-PBS with fidelity. This verification includes:

1. 2017-2018 Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) Schoolwide, Non-classroom and Classroom sub scale scores of at least 60% (please review your Total Score report at
2. Completion of 2018-2019 School Safety Survey (SSS)
3. Submission of 2018-2019 quarterly data (Quarter 1 and Quarter 2)

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The Session Collaborator is a MO SW-PBS Personnel that will review poster materials prior to the Summer Training Institute.
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Begin your outcomes with "Attendees will." For example: Attendees will understand our school recognition system.
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Which of the 4 essential interactive elements will your poster highlight? (please choose AT LEAST one - bonus points will be given for choosing and describing at least two)
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Statement of Intent
If this proposal is selected, I agree to take part in the program and register for the conference. I understand that only 1/2 of one registration fee will be waived for each proposal that is accepted. I also understand that the conference organizers will provide a table for each poster accepted. A picture of your presenters/posters may be used by MO SW-PBS for promotional purposes, at training, or on the website. Presenter bears the responsibility for preparing, setting up and manning the poster during the Poster Session.
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