FOSSASIA Mentorship Signup for University and Developer Programs
Dear Community Member!

Thank you for your interest to become a mentor in a FOSSASIA Program. Programs like GSoC always need good mentors and we also need backup mentors in case someone becomes unavailable.

Working with students helps us to develop ourselves of working with a team to intercultural to leadership skills. As a mentor you give back and share your own experience with others in the community. There is no remuneration for mentors. However, mentors receive a T shirt, certificate and eternal fame!

So, keep it up and thanks for joining up!

Mentors will be contacted by org admins with information about their status and acceptance in programs.

Thank you.
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As a mentor you support students to succeed in their work. You also have a responsibility towards the funding partners and organization to provide feedback to students about their expected performance. Many requirements for students are formulated in the guidelines. Please confirm you have read and understand the guidelines, will judge students based on the requirements in the guidelines and you will inform them about potentially failing in the program to give them a chance to improve. *
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It is often difficult to specifically define a project in all details over several months. In FOSSASIA the main goal is to get the projects moving forward and solve issues that are relevant to move forward. Projects of students need to fit into this goal. How will you communicate this to students to avoid misunderstandings? *
What is your qualification to be a mentor in the org? Which kind of projects and technologies would you like to mentor? *
What do you hope to gain in the program as a mentor e.g. in GSoC? *
We are always looking for good students. Can you help to get anyone on board? How? *
How do you plan to engage the student continuously and how will the project be documented? *
Will you be able to present your mentor experience in events? Any ideas? *
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What are your ideas to increase the number of applications in the program? Can you help to personally get at least 7 or more students to put up a proposal? How? *
Experience shows that a larger number of overall applications also results in a larger number of good applications. It helps with word of mouth. What are your ideas to get more applications?
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